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Re: Vertical Intermix Chamber and TMP Enterprise

If memory serves, this term comes from Kira's description of these vessels capabilities.
Hmm. What's said is this:

Odo: "A blockade? How many ships are we talking about?"
Kira: "Twelve impulse ships. That's all the Council of Ministers could spare right now."
Odo: "And how effective do you think those twelve ships are going to be against even one Romulan warbird?"
And later on:

Cretak: "Colonel, do you seriously believe that your antiquated collection of impulse ships stands a chance against our warbirds?"
We saw the blockade fleet; it featured interstellar transport vessels (which cannot be FTL-incapable unless they are damaged) of known Bajoran/Cardassian types, and some of Karemman design, plus a sprinkling of the winged interceptors.

It would be rather odd to collectively call all of these "impulse ships", if some are warp-capable transports, or even damaged transports temporarily limited to impulse. Also, how does the Council of Ministers control this strange assortment of ships? We might thus indeed decide that only the most significant combat vessels in the mix were the "twelve impulse ships" under government control, and the remaining fifty or whatever were assorted other ships of no military worth. In which case the winged interceptors would indeed be the "impulse ships".

Alternately, if we accept temporarily warp-incapacitated warp transports as "impulse ships" in the fleet of twelve, then we could just as well argue that the winged interceptors there were also damaged specimens temporarily deprived of warp, and thus freed from their main military obligations. That'd make more sense in the grand scheme of DS9 and TNG...

We know they had interstellar travel from the points you bring up but impulse, we know, isn't restricted to sub light.
It could be restricted to that (as per writer and tech consultant intention); it's fairly easy to invent explanations to seeming "impulse goes FTL" incidents, of which there's a grand total of one in all of Star Trek anyway...

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