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Re: Blackest Night Disussion Thread (Spoilers)

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Geoff has also said as recently as a couple of weeks ago that you don't need to read the Blackest Night tie-ins to read and undersand Blackest Night. Yes its part of a larger story, being the trilogy that Mr. Light wrote about but it's not like Final Crisis where you have to gobble up half a dozen other books to get what's going on.
Yeah, I actually skipped Rebirth and Sinestro Corps War, but I thought Blackest Night #1 had a good amount of introductory material for people just coming aboard for the first time.

While it helps to have a basic understanding of the Green Lanterns and the Guardians (as well as the more recent major events in the DC Universe), I think Blackest Night does a good job of being both a self-contained story as well as part of a much larger story.
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