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Re: Blackest Night Disussion Thread (Spoilers)

Wow. This was a let down. More like Meh-est Night. It was a by-the-numbers first issue and it just didn't do anything for me.

Like a lot of folks, I'd been waiting for this since it was announced....and as time has progressed, I've been more wary of it. The two year lead in has been severely lacking (contrast that with the Great Darkness Saga's far shorter and ten thousand times better lead in) in awesomeness.

Even with two years, it felt rushed. The various Corps should've been established for several years before we went with the 21st Century version of GLC vs. Nekron and the dead again.

I really wonder if Geoff Johns has anything left to really make this series be the stand out that it should be.

Seeing hundreds of Black Lantern rings flying through space? Seen it before years ago when he had hundreds of green rings flying through space. Or when he had hundreds of yellow rings flying through space. Or, when after a majorly devastating battle between the GLC and SC, we had hundreds of green AND yellow rings flying through space, intertwining with each other.

I think we even had a hundreds of red rings flying through space scene as well, though feel free to correct me.

A spooky ring Corps? Yeah, their zombies. And all of them together, in the two page spread, lack the creepy-ness of a couple of the Sinestro Corps members. I found pretty much everyone associated with the Black Lanterns funny looking in the cliche' zombie way. All it needed was a "braaaaaaains" word balloon to really make it. I would've found that far more enjoyable than "rise".

Crazy violence? After Sinestro Corps War and some of the stuff from Infinite Crisis, not to mention the various monthly books....what's left that has any shock value?
Nothing in this book, that's for sure.

Bad guys that feel like evil bad asses? None here. Again, I almost laughed at the drawing of Black Hand licking Bruce Waynes skull. It had "look at how gross I am" all over it and felt too obvious. Ralph and Sue were evil because they were trying to be funny and mean at the same time. (rolls eyes)

And they killed Hawkman and Hawkgirl? All it means is that Didio found a way to get rid of Johns awesome Hawkman and will attempt to foist Katar Hol on us again as he continues restructuring the DCU to the way it was in his childhood in the 70s. Their death is completely meaningless because they'll be back. Not even an issue on that one.

Everyone thinks they'll be bringing back tons of dead characters back by the end. Who cares? They've already brought back Earth-Two Superman in IC, Hal Jordan and more recently Barry Allen......those three returns were the only one's that have any real "Holy Shit!" factor and they've been done. Who gives a crap if they bring back Ronnie Raymond, outside of an incredibly small fanbase? Hell, I collected Firestorm in the 80's and *I* don't care if they bring him back. Ditto for just about every character that Hal shows Barry.

I've read this book a few times, just to make sure I didn't miss anything the first time. Just as the current regime felt the need to redo some of the biggies from their teenage years, like Crisis and Great Darkness Saga's (and did second rate jobs of it) it's not surprising that they'd be doing "Tales Of The Green Lantern Corps" for the 21st century. While their previous redo's were fair to middling, this one might ultimately turn out good. But GLC vs. the dead has been done before.

(While typing this post I ran across this article trying to get the name of the original mini's about the GLC's war with Nekron. The author makes the case that Nekron is probably the big bad behind the BLC, and it was certainly my first thought when I heard about BN.)

I've been slowly souring on DC for awhile now. Bringing back Barry Allen pretty much hardened my resolve and I'd had Blackest Night in mind as the last big event before calling it quits with superhero comics. This first issue didn't do anything to change my mind in the slightest and actually made the case for it. I really hope the next issue does something worth a damn....something that actually doesn't feel like a tired retread.

On a related note, the only two books in my subscription were Blackest Night and Star Trek: Crew. Ahhh, the look on the clerks face when I told him I really came in to get Crew #5, and his comments were priceless. He couldn't believe I was picking up a Byrne book over Blackest Night.

Crew #5 was awesome by the way.
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