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So...what are the odds that the "Khitomer" allies become the new NATO, to counter the Typhon Pact (which the TrekMovie article has already likened to the Warsaw Pact)?

Next thing you know...COLD WAR!
That's what it's looking like.

I think odds are high that the Cardassians will opt to ally with the Federation, if only because they followed through on the agreement in good faith arranged by Bacco and Garak (Cardassians join the Azure Nebula fleet, UFP cedes three worlds to them). My guess is that they will respect this, moreso considering that the UFP probably needed those worlds thanks to the heavy losses in the Borg attack.

I really have doubts that the Tholians will be in this very long. They absolutely hate outsiders and have no interest in contact. Right now they are pissed that the UFP strongarmed them, but if things don't go well with this Pact, they will likely give up and go back into isolation.

The fact that the RSE and IRS are on opposing sides in an even bigger galactic split makes it even MORE likely that there will be some kind of civil war between the two powers (the shooting kind). I'm sure in her arrogance Tal'Aura will try and reclaim some of the IRS' worlds by force, prompting a larger conflict.

I think that this thread has established pretty clearly what the various motivations are for each of the Typhon Pact powers to join. However, I feel like there are even more weaknesses in the Typhon Pact's membership than in the Coalition of Planets.

Here's a basic comparison of the traits of each world/species (as we know of):

Coalition of Planets
-Humans: Explorers, diplomats, thinkers
-Vulcans: Thinkers, philosophers, semi-pacifists
-Andorians: Warlike, passionate, value honor
-Tellarites: Passionate

Typhon Pact
-Tholians: Paranoid, xenophobic
-Romulans: Paranoid, scheming
-Breen: Warlike, expansionistic
-Gorn: Warlike, value honor
-Tzenkethi: Warlike, not much else known
-Kinshaya: Warlike, religious, expansionistic

I was always under the impression that the main reason that the UFP was eventually formed was because the humans helped to balance out the other species. The Vulcans and the Andorians had been basically at war until humans stepped onto the scene. Their positive relations with both sides helped to ease the tensions. Same goes for the Andorians and the Tellarites, who were frequently antagonistic towards each other.

The TP doesn't have one species that keesps the others from going at each other's throats when things go bad. My guess is that the Romulans are already hedging their bets so that if/when the TP falls apart, they get the biggest advantage of the group out of the whole thing.
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