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^ Cardassia would be a much better match for that anthem. Although I feel I must point out that some concepts are not necessarily compatible with our collective good, such as "glorious and free." Well, glorious, obviously. What true Cardassian would not seek such a thing for their homeland? But free...I think that such a thing is best taken in moderation. After all, a society that is too free will collapse into anarchy. Order and stability, that is the true freedom!
Indeed, one need only look at the pervasive abuse of so-called "rights" to justify whatever sordid deeds the individual might have in mind. Societies with such mindsets, though they may claim these rights themselves ARE the framework, inevitably find that they are left without a leg to stand on should they attempt to suggest such "radical" ideas as standards, right, and wrong. This unequivocally demonstrates the superiority of the idea of absolute limitations on the individual. This is what gives the Obsidian Order its reason to exist.
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