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Re: Excelsior Technical Manual - Revived!

I just started my new job last Monday, but it's not nearly as crappy as my last job (or being unemployed) so once I get readjusted to the schedule, I am indeed planning to come back to this.

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Bumping thread and patiently waiting for more of the Excelsior Class Tech Manual from Praetor.
Thanks very much.

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Just finished reading the historical background...amazing stuff and it fits nicely into the movies and books. President Sulu? Is that from a novel or your own creation? Either way I like Hikaru's fate. I'll be going over the technical data over the next couple of days. Are you planning on doing something similar for other ship classes or just focusing on Excelsior right now?
Thanks, very much. If you find questions of the technical sort, please do ask them as it will give me reason to think about this, which will in turn make me want to work on it more.

I believe the idea of President Sulu came from one of the novels, though I don't recall which one. Originally I wanted to leave Sulu's fate ambiguous since it wasn't canon or anything, but the dramatic opportunity presented itself rather organically to have the ship retired as he died, and sort of link them, and it was too good to pass up. (Also, I somewhat hate the idea of all the TOS crew either being "immortal" or staying in Starfleet their whole lives.)

And, I would like to do something similar for some other classes, though perhaps not quite to the deckplans extent.

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You have another waiting reader in me, FWIW, Praetor.
It's worth a lot, RapidNadion.
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