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Re: A Hater Revisits Voyager

Dragon's Teeth (***)

This is a good idea for an episode that works most of the way through and then falls apart about ten minutes from the end when the whole thing turns into an action-filled mess. The episode begins by copying a concept from an earlier Voyager episode (The Thaw) but rather that go the evil clown route this episode decides to stick with the idea of a race trying to rebuild itself after nearly being wiped out in a war. This is Voyager, so of course the aliens are going to end up being evil, but I don't mind that this time because the way the crew uncovers the violent history of the Vaadwawr feels natural.

Then the aliens turn super-evil and start attacking Voyager, the bad aliens from the start turn good, Voyager starts to fall from the sky twice for some reason, Gedrin decides to assist in the potential wiping out of his whole race for no reason, Tuvok beams down to the planet and never beams back, and stuff gets blowed up real good. I would say that this sequence was rushed, but it lasted around 7 or 8 minutes so it really shouldn't have been, the whole thing was just unnecessarily complicated and paced really, really badly.

What this episode does well is give Voyager a sense of scope it normally doesn't have, this episode feels like it is playing out on a bigger stage than most episodes of Voyager do. So, even though it falls completely apart in the final ten minutes, I still admired what this episode was up until that point.

Amazingly, they only fired one torpedo in this episode that I noticed, it's incredible considering all the effects shots and they way they've been using the things lately.

Torpedoes: 61/38

PARIS: Direct hit to the port thrusters. We're losing altitude.
JANEWAY: Reroute emergency power, we need to get into orbit.
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What sort of qualification did the science advisers to this show have, a degree in music theory?
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