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Re: Blackest Night Disussion Thread (Spoilers)

Just finished reading it.

Wow. Disturbing.

I don't know why, but it never occurred to me that Ralph and Sue would be raised up as Black Lanterns. And their appearance really rattled me--to say nothing of what they did to Carter and Kendra.

Somehow J'onn didn't bother me as much--perhaps because his resurrection as a BL was pretty well-publicized.

(As is the as-yet unrevealed rise of Kal-L... which has enraged a friend of mine so much that he apparently has sworn off DC for good. I don't agree with him passing judgment without having actually read any of the series yet, but then, he's kind of an odd sort.)

An interesting thought occurs--of the canonical eight founders of the JLA (Superman, Batman/Bruce, Wonder Woman, GL/Hal, Flash/Barry, Aquaman/Arthur, J'onn, and Black Canary) Dinah's the only one who is either not currently dead or has not been dead and then come back to life.

(That's if you want to truly count Dinah--she was shoehorned in to take WW's place after Crisis on Infinite Earths removed the Trinity from the JLA's founding, and left in after Infinite Crisis put them back.)

Meanwhile, I read Tales of the Corps as well. Interesting to get our first real look at the Indigo Tribe. Unless I'm missing the point, it looks as though their rings and battery/staffs can absorb and control the energies of the other corps' rings. An interesting thought... in my mind, I'm drawing some kind of analogy to compassion being the ability to feel for others--or, perhaps more correctly in this instance, to feel what others feel. Since the Indigos have no dialogue in a language we can understand, it's a bit fuzzy yet. It seems like they could have a big part to play in the resolution of the War of Light... the ability to absorb and reproduce the powers of the other corps is a pretty heavy one. The drawback would seem to be that they're close to one end of the spectrum, and thus more susceptible to being controlled by their power than the more 'centered' colors.

All in all, I'm looking forward to this in a big way. I know Geoff Johns has his critics--though I'm not one of them--but I'm also a GL fan from way back, and with the first two chapters of this 'trilogy' (Rebirth and The Sinestro Corps War) I think John's is two for two. So my hopes are high for the third chapter.

Long Live The Legion!
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