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Re: Vertical Intermix Chamber and TMP Enterprise

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ANYTHING that reduces the mass of an object is either altering the universal motion relative to the object or altering the objects relative motion to the universe.
Mass has nothing to do with motion. You reduce the mass of an object you only reduce its overall potential energy; the EFFECT of this is that the speed of light inside that subspace field is higher than it is outside the field. This means that while your ship is accelerating at, say, 5m/s^2 inside the field, it could be accelerating at 500m/s^2 to an observer outside the field.

Yet this also explains why ships that continuely use mass reducing fields like warp fields don't move. In order to move your mass would have to be reduced to the point of nearly the same energy state of energy...So there IS a Velocity Threshold for a Warp field.
Yeah... um, warp fields move ships because they're distorted or "slanted" in a particular direction. A ship with a non-critical sub-warp field will still move pretty damn fast, as we saw in "First Contact" where the Phoenix accelerates to 20,000km/s (about 8% of the speed of light) on the way to warp. So a "warp field" will move a ship whether it's at the threshhold or not, where subspace fields will not and require some other impulse in order to become propulsive.

Okay..I don't know what you mean by the "local value of Light."
It means the speed of light inside the subspace field is higher than the speed of light outside the field.

Then why not just call it a "subspace field coil" instead of a driver coil?
Neither name was ever mentioned on screen. The term "subspace driver coil" comes from the TNG manual, where it is indeed described as a subspace field coil.
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