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Re: Vertical Intermix Chamber and TMP Enterprise

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Airplanes can reverse engines too. Application of forcefields over the engine nozzle would suffice for the same effect.
Then there would be no need for the driver coils.
The driver coils only produce a subspace field to reduce the ship's inertial mass. This would be similar to the driver coils in, say, a magnetoplasmadynamic thruster, only producing subspace instead of electromagnetic fields.

While IDF is mainly a function for the crew it would still have an effect on the ship motion or tendency to remain in motion.
Except it's an inertial dampener, not an inertial canceler. In TMP it's referred to as an inertial stabilizer, which IMO more accurately describes what the device does: it makes sure that when the ship moves, EVERY PART of the ship moves to an equal degree.

The problem with that the impulse engines would work without the warp drive components that reduce mass.
I don't see why that's a problem. You can do the same trick with a relatively small device, hell even deflector shields can generate a subspace field that can lower an object's mass. If impulse engines are designed to do this as a matter of their normal operation, then they can probably do this even without the warp engines involved. More likely, though, the warp nacelles ARE used to generate a static subspace field--just enough to reduce the ship's overall inertia--allowing the impulse thrust to have greater effect. This might work as an explanation for Starfleet design logic, why impulse engines more often than not are located somewhere BETWEEN the warp nacelles. After all, if you reduce the inertia of the ship (lowering its potential energy) then by conservation of energy you have to raise the inertia of the exhaust (increasing its potential energy).

In fact according Geordi La Forge in the case of the falling moon, a warp field or subspace field itself reduces mass and that field is creatd by the warp coils. That eliminates any special device.
"Special device" wouldn't be needed if the driver coils in the impulse engines can do this. Remember, O'Brien rigged DS9's deflector shields to do the exact same job.

I'm also not following you on dialogue from Booby Trap or Star Trek XI *which I can't even include in the discussion. * At least we know that in Booby Trap the enterprise was powered down so they can coast with out the IDF would dampen. Perhaps I'm just not understanding your direction.
Simply this: a field drive has the effect of producing motion only when it is on. A THRUSTER can produce inertial motion that will continue even after it is shut down (an object in motion remains in motion). Impulse engines being a field drive is inconsistent with boobytrap, where we see the Enterprise gaining a velocity of several hundred meters per second after the impulse burn.

As for STXI, the dialog here harkens back to harder sci-fi shows like 2001 and Babylon 5, where engines perform "burns" of a certain direction to impart velocity on the ship. The maneuver out of Titan's atmosphere may therefore be interpreted as a kind of high-angle orbit change.
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