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Just a side note...the closest analogue to the Typhon Pact, at least as I see it, is actually the UFP. Multi-species nation under a unified governing body with like minded ideals for the future, but with its members still retaining their distinct societies .
Indeed, which is why the Typhon Pact is a true rival to the Federation. It is not simply a military opponent or an ideological opponent- in a sense the Federation is now up against...itself. This is what I find so fascinating about it. What happens next...well, everyone in-story must be quite...confused.
This is exactly why i'm exicited too . The Typhon Pact is unlike any adversary the UFP has ever tangled with. This whole thing won't be "solved" by a battle/war. A level of complexity has been added into this situation, wherein the "bad guys" are a group of people who have never been big on co-operation, but who are now aligned for their common good. They're not really "bad guys" at all. They are just like the UFP, but have nothing to do with the UFP.

With all the political action that will seemingly arise from this event, it surprises me that KRAD, who wrote the book that made this possible, isn't even writing one of the books . Articles of the Federation was amazing. It was like the West Wing meets Star Trek. You'd think he'd be perfect for this project. I'm sure there's got to be a good reason...
Hmmm, yes, you're right. I do notice, though, that the one Typhon Pact member not so far mentioned as the focus of a book is the Kinshaya. Perhaps KRAD will bring us the Kinshaya-Klingon book in 2011?
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