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I was using the term "Khitomer Pact" to describe the group that seems to be forming. I didn't actually mean to imply that said group was going to formalize the way the Typhon Pact did. The UFP and the Klingons have been aligned for years in the Khitomer accords, and they don't share everything.
Actually in A Time for War A Time for Peace I believe it was mentioned that the Klingons and Federation share technology becasue of the Khitomer Accords.
I know they do. But they aren't alligned as one nation. They don't share an economy or a currency. The UFP and the Klingons have completely different methods, and are just allies.

Just a side note...the closest analogue to the Typhon Pact, at least as I see it, is actually the UFP. Multi-species nation under a unified governing body with like minded ideals for the future, but with its members still retaining their distinct societies .
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