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Re: TOS' U.S.S. Valiant and Farragut....

The points raised are quite fair. My only real basis for my perspective is that in "Obsession" there's a reference that about half the Farragut's crew were killed by the cloud creature--"it killed more than one hundred crewman." or something to that effect. That's only a quarter or less of a 400-430 complement for a Constitution-class. Mind you GR's initial take on the ship's crew was 203, but that was near immediately thrown out after "The Cage." You could still argue that while it was true for the Enterprise then so it could also have been true for the Farragut.

My other thinking is that in the Cage era there likely weren't "twelve like it" yet, but maybe half a dozen at most. However, it's entirely possible that the earlier Farragut of Garrovick's era has since been retired and decommissioned and a Constitution-class Farragut now exists.

At any rate here's the final image. I was aiming for something that had a Cage era feel to it.

There's meant to be something of an evolutionary link between the Valiant and the Farragut. The earlier era (lacks sufficient detail at this point) would be more rough and bulkier looking. The newer design reflects attributes seen even more evident in the Constitution-class, more gentle curves and more elegence (if you will) in overall design. The newer and significantly more advanced technology of the 2240s was being fitted into these existing Farragut type ships while the Connies were wholly new from scratch. While the Farras were the cruisers of their day they became equivalent to frigates in the Connie's era.

One thing I should try to do is dirty the ship, that is add touches of weathering as was done to TOS' 11ft filming miniature. As it is my Farragut looks like it was just launched new out of drydock of the late 2220s.
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