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Re: *Spock/Zachary Quinto Appreciation Zone*

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I was totally stoked to see john barrowman on there, AKA jack harkness. he looks like a movie star from the 40s and is on a show(s) that i didn't realise was mainstream enough in america to make a list like that. neat! he's not my type, but i did a happy little nerdy dance inside when i saw him there.

how young are the females we're talking about here? i am a female in my mid-20s and i have never heard of the guy!

edit: yikes, i just googled the guy, finally, and i have the same issue with him i have with chris pine - he looks like an adorable little boy. attractive, sure, but sexy? heck no.
I'm not sure, I've never met any of them in RL. I first heard of the guy because so many people on forums I visit watch Supernatural and have the hots for him. I don't find him attractive at all, he's got a pretty-boyish look. And I've watched a bit of Supernatural and his character somewhat annoys me. But the Supernatural online community is HUGE, and every time there's an online vote for anything involving the show, you can be sure it (and its actors) will win it.
And here's evidence: the Supernatural fans have just propelled Jeffrey Dean Morgan (who plays the two leads' dad in the show, but apparenetly he's also in a movie this year) into #1 spot in the "Action Hotties of 09 - The Men" poll, ahead of Hugh Jackman. Jackman was leading yesterday when I voted (with 20%, ahead of Morgan who had 19%) but today Morgan has 37% and Jackman 17%! That's the Supernatural online squad for you!

But at least I get Morgan's appeal... he does look like Javier Bardem, after all!
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