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Re: July Challenge Entry--A Stone's Throw Away

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Before everything started to fall into one novel-continuity...yes. But now that it's all under one continuity, one that has taken directions I do not agree with...absolutely NOT. I want the kind of creative freedom that no longer exists if you write the officially-licensed stuff.
What about writing in the Abramsverse? There's a whole new continuity there.
That's an good notion actually. (And I think NG has already touch upon it)
I do have my own ideas for the new time line, but give the rate at which I write it may be some time before they come to fruition.
This is the problem I would have...there are already Trek XI books written and that will be coming to press soon. And where I picture the Abramsverse going is very specific. So I would still rather not go professional.

I also own a huge apology to Neryrs Ghemor for not commenting on this fine piece of writing. The way that you have managed to capture the dichotomy of duty to the state (either willingly or coerced) and to the family is a testament to your impeccable skills as an author.
I believe that it was once said by one of our most famous poets that there are times that try men's souls, I think that for Berat this was one of those make or break times in his short life.
It definitely makes Gul Tyben Berat one of the most inspirational Cardassians in the trekverse.

Finally I want to join the chorus urging you to write the next great Cardassian novel.
Sorry, Thor, but you can't claim credit for that "poet's quote." That would be American revolutionary Thomas Paine. Nice try, though, Mr. Brit.

And thank you very much for reading...I'm glad you liked it. Berat's one of those characters that even in the bad times, I really enjoy writing because I can almost feel his strength as I do so. There's always this sense of "this COULD have broken him..." But it doesn't.

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I would also like to say, that given your superb writing skills, you could easily create a quasi-reptilian world/universe of your own for a new original science fiction series. Who says it has to be based on humans?
LOL, well, I'd always be feeling like they're Cardassians in disguise! And goodness knows I've got quite the attachment to that grey-scaled species!
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