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^I think the majority will. The Klingons are already in. The Ferengi, as led by Rom, are already pretty close to the UFP, and with this new power coming around with their own currency, they may want to finally solidify that alliance. I think Grand Nagus Rom /the Ferengi were the first to say yes to Bacco's plea for ships at the Azure Nebula showdown in Destiny if i'm not mistaken; and the Federation has been the biggest help in restoring Cardassia after the Dominion ravaged Cardassia Prime. A firm alliance would be good for Cardassia. Especially if it means that the Klingons will be allies as opposed to a potential enemy. The IRS will probably join, at least loosly, to counter the the new strength of the RSE. The Talarians may not join, but who really cares about them anyways ?
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