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Re: Where do Trill symbionts come from?

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I have little sympathy for the "great Unjoined" based on what they did to the symbiont population...

You're going to hold the vast majority of Trill responsible for the actions of a small number of terrorists?

Tell me, do you also hold the vast majority of Muslims responsible for 9/11? Of Christians for the KKK?
It worked for the German psyche in the aftermath of WW2, which is a better analogy, didn't it? We're talking about the attempted (and nearly successful) extermination of an entire species, not an attack on a nation-state or ethnic/religious group(s). And a species with a centuries-long history of peaceful coexistence whose only crime (in this particular case) was not having babies fast enough. Of the various factions involved in that particular struggle on Trill, the symbionts (and maybe the Guardians) are the truest victims. In a sense, the Parasites got their revenge after all...

But no, I won't hold the vast majority of Trill responsible for the massacre at Mak'ala. What I can hold them responsible for is thinking that symbiont partnerships could in any way be equitably disbursed and fomenting an attitude of violence that many hundreds were involved in - note the various firefights before the bombing.

I don't hold the vast majority of Muslims responsible for 9/11 or Christians for the KKK, in part because they (the vast majority) openly condemned such actions and repudiated them. No doubt all of Trill was equally horrified by the symbiont massacre, but the Joined and those unJoined who are/were fanatical have equal blood on their hands.
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