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I just hope I don't end up in a Cardie prison. I like all my teeth were they are.
If you are a loyal friend to the union you will have nothing to fear. If not...well agent Neryrs Ghemor has hinted at what would happen.

Clegg, your first lesson is that words like "Cardie" and "spoonhead"--or any other reference to us that is not "Cardassian"--is highly improper.

As for the Romulans? As of 09:00 hours Central Command time both Romulus and Cardassia have signed a join pact againist the awful tyranny of Rick Rolling and have pledged to fight together in order to eradicate this scourge from the Galaxy forever.
We of the Order will be watching to make sure you exercise caution. Our previous commander was not so careful when it came to the Romulans--but make no mistake, we have learned from that unfortunate experience and we will not allow a repeat.

(also Herkimer Jitty is correct, it is only your upper molars that are taken by the state, for the purpose of citizen identification. As to what actually goes on in a Cardassian POW camp? I'm afraid that information is classifed.)
It is the first molar of any Cardassian that is taken. As for foreigners...whichever molar we determine is in the best condition shall be taken.
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