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Re: A Hater Revisits Voyager

So you're saying that my strange and potentially insane behaviour means I attract strange and potentially insane women?

Goodo, they're my favourite kind!

Riddles (*)

NAROQ: Captain, I don't blame you for finding my theories a bit eccentric, I'm used to it. It's why I'm still a deputy investigator, but I've brought equipment to help your investigation. Let me examine Commander Tuvok and run scans on the vessel where he was attacked, I may finally be able to prove my theories!
There are many reason why I don't like this character, but that line sums it up for me. If I was captain of Voyager then I'd tell him to go home and ask the government to send a competent investigator instead. But no, lets make the insane conspiracy nut right.

I know some think that Neelix and Tuvok had a Spock/McCoy thing going on, but I never bought into that because McCoy was awesome and Neelix is less than awesome. When McCoy antagonised Spock it was normally based out of philosophical differences not because he's a twonk, and then Spock would half join in so that the audience could know that he was enjoying the discourse. Neelix seems to pick on Tuvok because he is different, and Tuvok genuinely seems to want Neelix to go away. It was a joy to watch Spock and McCoy antagonising each other, for me it is a chore to watch Neelix antagonising Tuvok, it's like watching one man slowly destroy another's soul because he thinks it's a laugh.

That's my fundamental problem with Riddles; I don't want Tuvok and Neelix to become friends, I want Neelix to learn to leave Tuvok alone.

Then there is stuff about aliens and cloaking devices and that stupid investigator guy, none of which made much of an impact.
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