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Re: Movies Seen in 2009

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Support Your Local Sheriff (could be classified as classic film though since it's 1968)

Oh, my god, one of the best James Garner movies, ever.

I keep meanin' to watch the psuedo-sequel, Support Your Local Gunfighter, but I just haven't gotten to it.
Support Your Local Gunfighter is good too, but Support Your Local Sheriff is better, IMO. Although your mileage may vary.

IMO, the best 'comedy' western ever made. Doesn't rely on juvenile 'guy humor' like Blazing Saddles. It's just good old fashion FUNNY.

I love the part where he explains about the jail with no bars, and how 'we're just gonna operate as if there WERE bars, and everything will be fine."

James Garner is, IMO, one of the best (and perhaps one of the most under-recognized) comic actors ever.
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