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As do we. Even a humble Glinn such as myself will go wherever Cardassia sends me. Although, if I might be allowed a comment: I do not view sentiments and feelings as weaknesses to be overcome. They make us stronger Cardassians, not emotionless drones! When properly applied, of course...
Indeed--and the last part is the most important one. Sentiments without proper channeling are like antimatter without proper containment. We are no Vulcans, by any means: we have our loves and our passions, but we are disciplined. They do not rule us, and must not, lest they detract from our clarity of mind.

And welcome to the service of Cardassia--serve Cardassia and Cardassia shall honor you. Betray Cardassia--and Cardassia, through us, will have justice.

In time, Gul. Haste does not always serve us best. Our finest military strategists are at work as we speak, applying their expertise to the Romulan Situation. The discipline of the Cardassian mind will win the day here, though your commitment to the cause does you credit. Agent Nerys Ghemor is conspicuously absent from this discussion. Consider the implications of that ...but not too much, as she would inform you... As for your request, as a newly assigned councilor I do not possess the authority, so I will ask Thor Damar to consider the proposal.
As one of the revived Order--I am no friend of the Romulans, and would never advocate any sort of warmth towards them. We must, of course, be sure to take into the account the lessons of previous engagements involving these devious cousins of the Vulcans and be sure that we do not open our homeworld to attack, or put ourselves in a position to take significant losses to the fleet we have only just started to build.
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