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As per usual Speaker Narsat of the Council is correct. As we have so often seen in the long and glorious history of our proud and noble union, there have been corrupt and weak fools who seek to rule the state rather than serve it. Those who take the message of 'Cardassia Forever' and turn it into license to use the Cardassian populace to their own selfish ends. Not to mention the outsiders who would see us bought down low and use the worse of us to that evil end.

It is the first duty of all Cardassians (and humans for that matter) to not trust those who demand blind obedience but to work for the advancement of the State and the people who are the true masters.
Let the Central Command, Detapa Council and the vanguard of the Obsidian Order lead the way.

Long Live Cardassia!

Gul Thor Damar.
This interesting point of view for a gul of the Cardassian Guard to be taking. We must always remember, though, that we are privy to information that the people do not--and must not--possess, and therefore it is incumbent upon us to make decisions in their stead. The survival of Cardassia, of course, is paramount, which is why we must think carefully before we make our decisions--but do not allow sentiment to sap your will to undertake such necessities.

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^ Don't worry, the sovereignty of the Council WILL be respected by Central Command. As for the Order...
We serve as Cardassia requires.
As do we. Even a humble Glinn such as myself will go wherever Cardassia sends me. Although, if I might be allowed a comment: I do not view sentiments and feelings as weaknesses to be overcome. They make us stronger Cardassians, not emotionless drones! When properly applied, of course...

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Rick Rolling was banned by the Khitomer Accords, IIRC.
That's it, this means War! Prepare the Guard for battle.
Against such a savage enemy...I would hope that my ship will be at the front lines. I would gladly give my life if it ensured the destruction of such a foul opponent!
"If the world was perfect, it wouldn't be." - Yogi Berra
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