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Absolutely agreed. (although I'm in North Cardassia where it's a bit cooler). I think that Cynicism is one of the most valuable tools of any sentient being, which is why I don't trust any national anthem.
Indeed...keeps one vigilant. And safe.

However, I must point out something you said. You trust no national anthem? What about "Cardassia Forever"? I should hate to have to report you, citizen--but friendship cannot stand before the requirements of the State.
Perhaps, Madam Agent, I may intrude and suggest Thor Damar was signifying how easily our glorious anthem could be corrupted by traitors or enemy aliens? Perhaps his lack of trust and cynical view of the anthem is simply a result of bitter experience of the hypocrisy of those who seem to hold it in regard only to undermine Cardassia elsewhere?

As per usual Speaker Narsat of the Council is correct. As we have so often seen in the long and glorious history of our proud and noble union, there have been corrupt and weak fools who seek to rule the state rather than serve it. Those who take the message of 'Cardassia Forever' and turn it into license to use the Cardassian populace to their own selfish ends. Not to mention the outsiders who would see us bought down low and use the worse of us to that evil end.

It is the first duty of all Cardassians (and humans for that matter) to not trust those who demand blind obedience but to work for the advancement of the State and the people who are the true masters.
Let the Central Command, Detapa Council and the vanguard of the Obsidian Order lead the way.

Long Live Cardassia!

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