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Re: UFP & Cloaking devices (post-singular destiny with spoilers)

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^It seems that they already have. As I stated earlier, in Resistance we find out that Starfleet has schematics for cloaking devices implanted in each ships computer core, and is available with an Admiral's say-so...
But until now, if an Admiral did authorize it, they'd be court-martialed for provoking conflict with the RSE by violating treaty...
Then why wasn'y Janeway court-martialed when she gave to go ahead to Worf to use a cloaking device.
Because, as others have mentioned above, the RSE was no longer a superpower at that point. It didn't matter so much if the Federation angered or offended the Romulans, as the Romulans were not in a position to pose a true threat. The Federation was helping hold the Star Empire together. As Akaar says in "Taking Wing", the Federation is simply stronger now. Well, then. The Typhon Pact changes it again, I suppose...
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