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Re: UFP & Cloaking devices (post-singular destiny with spoilers)

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If more and more AQ nations were to start using cloaks, then the technology will be forced to advance pretty fast. Better sensors will be fashioned to defeat the Romulan cloak, followed by the Romulans making better cloaks, etc. etc. . Cloaking devices may end up acting as the central piece of tech in the "arms race" in this expected cold war. Just as nuclear weapons were central in our cold war.
Well, that's what's evidently been happening with cloaking technology for centuries anyway, given how many different times the Federation has come upon "new" cloaking tech. Earth Starfleet encountered and penetrated Suliban and Romulan cloaks in ENT, then by "Balance of Terror" the Romulans had a new kind of cloak that was far more effective but still vulnerable to motion sensors, then by "The Enterprise Incident" they'd developed a cloak immune to motion sensors. In TSFS, Klingon cloaks created a visual distortion, but that was beaten by TUC, as was the inability to fire while cloaked. But then Spock found a way to penetrate that kind of cloak, and so later cloaks apparently sacrificed the ability to fire while cloaked in exchange for an ability to mask engine exhaust. And so on. The only way to reconcile all the different kinds of "impenetrable" cloaks which were then penetrated is to assume that a cloaking-vs.-sensor arms race has already been going on for over 200 years. The competition between detection and countermeasures has been a basic element of military confrontation going back to the earliest forms of camouflage, and it always will be.
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