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Re: The Friday Flirt Thread...

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Ok so she wasn't drunk enough. Next time going to make it a 20-liter bucket just to be safe.

*shakes ice out of pants*

Darn son has returned home ~ have to reliquish control of machine.

Goodnight Gentlemen and Plec

Good night. I'll be hiding somewhere awkward if you need me.

*the Phantom Pervert disappears in a cloud of KY jelly boxes and condom wrappers*

*plucks condom wrapper from the back of Plec's cape*
Goodnight Phantom Pervert
*checks under bed*

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A gentleman at last, thank you kind sir
You are most welcome. If I smoked, I would blow smoke ring hearts in your general direction. Not directly at you, of course, 'cos I would never make you cough...

and I think you look most distinguished without my ash on your head
You do have very nice ash though.

Oh, come on, SOMEBODY had to say it!
Down Boy ~ thank you Mr Laser Beam, that did make me smile

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*Aha, the Italian with the DNA is here. Edges Plec's 'bucket' under the table*

Hi iggi *puts elbows on table and squeezes them together (all the better to improve the decolletage) and leans chin on hands*
Good evening, lady. It's a pleasure to see you... *glances down, raises eyebrow*

A toast, I say. Here's to the night: may it be warm and full of promises.

How lovely to see you, a glass of pinot? Only if it's as cool as you

sorry I made myself cringe with that one
Don't be sorry. I'm never sorry.
la promessa negli occhi abbastanza calda per fondere il mio cuore

*looks up coyly and strokes wineglass*
Oh for goodness sake it's not that important.
Unless it is really important ~ then you can always email it to me and I'll ignore it again tomorrow.
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