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Re: Jennifer's Body???

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^Or, her character could just wear clothes for a change ? Lots of women her age have tattoos.
Perhaps, but her having tattoos depends ont he director's "vision" for the character and the types, places and styles of tattoos she has may not fit very many characters. (The madonna tattoo and the lettering on her right shoulder stick out in my mind the most.)

If you're a director of a movie and you've a choice between equaly talented actresses, both are of the same attractivness and using one of them means no wardrobe restrictions or special makeup and one means having to have her always in long sleeves, no exposed back, or having to use heavy make-up/CGI who are you going to choose?
In that particular set of circumstances I'd hire whoever could put the most butts in the seats. Covering up tattoos with makeup isn't that big a deal.
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