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Herkimer Jitty wrote: View Post
If one is to write a Federation anthem, it is to be filled with judicious amounts of double speak and european imperialism disguised in a veneer of political correctness.
That's about it!

But personally, I think they'd be too PC for lyrics. Actually SAY something and you might offend...someone. Somewhere.

The Cardassian anthem would of course be about how awesome the Union is - which it is.

The Klingon anthem would be about killing and honor and all that stuff.
Think Wagnerian opera, or Beowulf, and I think you've got it. (The Klingons in TNG/DS9 always struck me as Norsemen.)

Ferengi national anthem would be too expensive to license, so most Ferengi would make a similar-sounding song, but make sure its not a direct riff on it (like Secret Agent Man to the James Bond theme).

And I bet if you tried to download the real thing, the FCA would slap a Metallica-style lawsuit on you.

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Thor Damar wrote: View Post

Agreed with this(are not all anthems nationalistic anyway) for the very good reason that the Cardassian interstellar anthem, 'Cardassia forever' would have lyrics just for the simple reason that Cardassians love to talk!

'sides you don't need to apologise for your cynicism, it's expected from a citizen of Cardassia
Indeed...there, it's quite valued. See? Yet another example of why I fit perfectly here.

(Yes, I said "here." Note my location field.)

Absolutely agreed. (although I'm in North Cardassia where it's a bit cooler). I think that Cynicism is one of the most valuable tools of any sentient being, which is why I don't trust any national anthem.
Indeed...keeps one vigilant. And safe.

However, I must point out something you said. You trust no national anthem? What about "Cardassia Forever"? I should hate to have to report you, citizen--but friendship cannot stand before the requirements of the State.

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