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Re: A Hater Revisits Voyager

Alice (*)

For ten whole years I've been waiting for the chance, to meet the Voyager writers to find out how this script passed, but now I've got to get over it and write a review for Alice. Alice? Why the f*#@ did they write Alice?!

Amusing aside; at one of my aunt's weddings the (catholic) priest who performed the ceremony got really pissed and started singing that song into a bottle, swears and all. We captured it on video.

The episode begins well, Voyager comes across a junk-yard in space and do a little trading, that's a good use of Voyager's premise. The Tom finds a shuttle and begins to obsess about fixing it up, which is a bit of a rehash of the worst element of Vis a Vis but I can live with it if it goes some place interesting. Instead the ship is alive and tries to kill Torres and kidnaps Tom and tries to fly into a particle fountain because it thinks that it is home. Why does it think a destructive space anomaly is home? My guess is that there is no reason and that was only used as ticking time-bomb to add "suspense" to the end of the episode. Oh, and I'm right, ten points for me!

There is no character development for Tom because everything Tom does here is under the influence of some silly magic ship that wants to kill itself.

PARIS: Oh, come on, Alice, how about it? Give us a break.
KIM: Alice?
PARIS: Well, I've got to call her something.
KIM: How about The Lost Cause?
PARIS: Alice Battisti was the Lost Cause. I knew her back in the Academy. She was smart, sexy, but she wouldn't give me the time of day.
KIM: All right, Alice it is.
Now clearly I don't know much about women, but I do know it would be a bad idea for me to name my car after "the one that got away" while in a serious relationship with someone else. This scene happened before Tom connected up to the magic interface that made him crazy, so why is he acting so stupid this early in the episode?
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