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Re: Vertical Intermix Chamber and TMP Enterprise

I'm extrapolating, sure, but it seems reasonable, doesn't it?

So, after that, you have not one but TWO "energizer" subsystems on the ship. Only one (at "main engineering") requires the use of a dilithium system. The other is far less efficient, and would probably even be damaged by extended use with the m/am output, but you could "bypass" to use that as a short-term fix.

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As I pointed out in the other thread, PROBERT stated that the deflection crystal is a kind of power linkage between the intermix and the impulse engines. The intermix on the TMP Enterprise is NOT a warp core, it is a large power transfer conduit leading from the main reactor at the very bottom of the engineering module. In this sense it could work just as well as a field drive and as a plasma-type thruster, since in the latter case it would simply fire the product of a matter/antimatter reaction out into space.
A power Linkage?
Then why is it called a deflection crystal?
Literally (as designed) because it deflects drive plasma aft into the impulse engine. Of course the actual purpose via retcon could be just about anything; it could be the seat of a fusion reactor that receives and conditions that plasma before pumping it into the impulse engines. What I'm saying is AS DESIGNED, that's what the intermix--and the deflection crystal--was supposed to be.

Why isn't between the intermix and impulse engines?
It is. The intermix goes through it before it goes to the impulse engines.
If that's true, then wouldn't you need a Deflection crystal at the conduit junction to the nacelles. If the Plasma needs to be conditioned why is there another conduit under the impulse engines heading to the impulse "thrustered" exhaust?

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^ Cary, I don't mind you making that point about how the term "impulse" has been mis-used by non-science types over the course of the Trek series ... but I'd thought that after such a long rant, you'd provide us with some explanation of what it does mean.
Well, the short form is this:

The application of force over time.

So, apply a force to a known mass, and you get an acceleration. Apply an impulse to a known mass and you get a velocity.

You can get the same velocity imparted to the same mass by applying a high force for a short period of time, or a low force for a longer period of time. Because both apply the same impulse to the mass.

That's a very simple take on the concept, but it sums it up pretty well. If you want to know more... if you want to get into integrals and other somewhat more complex forms of math... you can do so, of course, but the general concept is as I've just described it.
From what I've looked up Impulse means

-pulsation: (electronics) a sharp transient wave in the normal electrical state (or a series of such transients); "the pulsations seemed to be coming from a star"

-the act of applying force suddenly; "the impulse knocked him over

-momentum: an impelling force or strength; "the car's momentum carried it off the road"

~brought to you by the World Wide Web.

I can't emphasize how many times we've seen Voyager, Defiant, NCC-1701, NCC-1701-A, NCC-1701-B, NCC-1701-D "Reverse" Engines without the traditional logical rules of physics.

Enterprise D in particular litterally pivoted on it's on center of gravity at full thrust and without interuption in motion continued bow forward and run from a probe.

Inertial Dampners:
The effect of this Trek-nology keeps the ship's crew from experiencing sudden jolts that would kill the crew. They're effects would also cause a ship to slow down progressively when in use. Essentially they cause universal drag. A ship has no Inertia when the IDF is active which is pretty much all the time.

For the Galaxy to preform that manuver without thrustered exhaust or "planes" as though it were a sub It would need an impulse engine on the bow of the ship and powerful RCS. (RCS is far less powerful than the IMF engines) The IDF would have to be deactivated for the manuver. If the IDF is deactivated for the manuver then everyone should fly to the left and then right as the ship revered it's motion and proceeded forward.

The impulse engines despite whatever "impulse" means must be a form of field propulsion. Relics specificly states that the impulse engines produce and Ion trail. YET we see the impulse engines are engaged on many craft we see no visual increase in out put.

We have ION engines today = a type of reaction-propulsion engine to propel rockets in space; a stream of positive ions is accelerated to a high velocity by an electric field.

The problem is there is no subspace or warp field associated with the engines engines...ever. We all know that TMP showed impulse taking them to warp. So if there is no mass reducing field field how do you get to such a velocity in such a short amount of time. Well perphaps warp isn't the only type of mass reducing field.

My Conclusion as to what Impulse is:

Warp Drive is known as a type of field propulsion that surrounds the ship and essentially creates it's own universe...a low mass universe, that actually reverses the effect of universal expansion that causes Gravity and universal acceleration which causes Time.

What if Impulse engines are type of field propulsion that instead of making a new enviroment attempts to change a localized section of the universe it's self. Changing the reaction the universe has to the ship instead of changing the ship's reaction to the universe. (Yes I know that's relative)


Impulse creates a field that alters the space around the ship to expand at a slightly slower rate of speed.

Warp Engines create a field that creates a whole other reality isolated from the rest of the universe that expands at a different speed.

The difference being the impulse field is still bound to the physics of the surrounding universe even if those physics are "drunk".
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