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Curzon’s big secret (from Facets)

In “Playing God” and again in “Facets,” Jadzia Dax says she doesn’t know why Curzon Dax washed Jadzia out of the Trill initiate program. Sisko suggests that she ask Curzon that question during her zhian’tara. Then Curzon-Odo reveals the big secret, that Curzon Dax had been in love with Jadzia.

Why didn’t Jadzia Dax know that? Aren’t Curzon Dax’s memories a part of Jadzia Dax? She remembered exactly how Curzon Dax felt about Benjamin Sisko, so why didn’t she remember how Curzon Dax felt about Jadzia? How is it that Curzon-Odo had access to Curzon memories that Jadzia Dax never had access to?
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