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Re: July Challenge Entry--A Stone's Throw Away

Thank you for reading!!

I can hardly imagine what it would be like to be put through what Berat really was awful indeed.

And Berat actually DID shoot himself on DS9. That's the even more difficult thing to remember about it: he actually survived a suicide attempt WITH A DISRUPTOR, by a fluke. I have heard this said about suicides: the method tells how serious you really are--whether what you want is help, or to END IT. And those IRL who use a gun...well, you can guess what category THAT is.

So the depths he's having to come back from...they're very deep indeed. And yet that seems to be the basic nature of this character, as he was in Betrayal--he has a remarkable capacity to endure and to bounce back.

Given how far he's come by "Let He Who Has Eyes See," and The Thirteenth Order--and this after having suffered a permanent physical loss as opposed to the temporary setback on DS9--I wanted to try and show the beginning of how he really came into that strength.

I'm hoping this does seem, dark as it was, like the start of a bridge between Berat as we saw him in Betrayal, and Berat as I portray him in my own stories.
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