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Rush...this may be my personal opinion, but I don't think the song HAS lyrics. Somehow I think it's there to be nice, but not to really stir up patriotism. Because patriotism would equal nationalism in their book and that's what Cardassians do. Noooooooo, can't have THAT...

(Sorry...I've been cynical lately. I'm sure you understand.)
Agreed with this(are not all anthems nationalistic anyway) for the very good reason that the Cardassian interstellar anthem, 'Cardassia forever' would have lyrics just for the simple reason that Cardassians love to talk!

'sides you don't need to apologise for your cynicism, it's expected from a citizen of Cardassia
Indeed...there, it's quite valued. See? Yet another example of why I fit perfectly here.

(Yes, I said "here." Note my location field.)

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