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Re: A Hater Revisits Voyager

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Well I felt compelled to register because I can not believe you gave it a 5/10.
Oh no, it's Remember all over again! At least I'm sober this time.

Okay, my review for Barge of the Dead was murky with the details so I think I should clarify; I wasn't tired when I first started watching the episode, I was tired by the final five minutes or so. I watched it at around 7PM when I'm usually wide awake, I had just eaten and that normally has the effect of waking me up, and I had a good long lie-in that morning, so all the evidence seems to be suggesting that it was the episode itself that was making me tired.

I'm not down on Bryan Fuller as a writer (although I was disappointed in the episodes he wrote in season 5) and you all know how I feel about Ron Moore who provided the story for the episode, I just don't trust that the symbolism of this episode meant anything. Why does B'Elanna need to go through an almost incomprehensible near-death experience in order to figure out that she should just be herself? Here you go, I just saved her from almost killing herself.

You seem to be marking this episode down because you're not sure that the episode will have an effect on B'Ellana's behaviour later. What kind of way is that to mark an episode?
That's what I have to do, what I always do. I turned death into a fighting chance to live.

Seriously, I always deduct marks from episodes that suggest a big change has just occurred with no follow-up in subsequent episodes, I just used to do it retroactively whereas now I do it proactively. Just look at my review for Equinox, Part 2, I deducted a point for never bringing up the Equinox crewmembers again. Tell you what, if I notice a marked difference in B'Elanna's attitude for the rest of this season I'll give this episode an extra half-star, deal?

Right, let's move onto something more fun.

Tinker Tenor Shmully Spy (****)

I cannot deny, this episode made me laugh on a number of occasions, it is easily my favourite of the "light" Voyager episodes so far. Even a simple line where Shmully fantasises about Neelix giving him a cake made me laugh due to Robert Picardo's fantastic delivery. This whole episode works for me because Picardo has the comic timing to make it work.

Two issues. This is probably the third or fourth time where Shmully has adapted his problem without informing anyone and it led to serious problems, this guy really needs to learn Einstein's definition of insanity. Secondly, the whole issue of Shmully feeling like he is being treated as a second class citizen seems to have cropped up out of nowhere again, and Janeway giving in to his request to explore the concept of the Emergency Command Hologram is a bit of a reach for me.

But those two things aren't serious enough to stop me enjoying a scene where B'Elanna, Seven and Janeway vie for Shmully's affections, or the absurdly brilliant command pips. Okay, brilliant might be an overstatement, but it did make me chuckle.
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