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Re: UFP Anthem

Sing it all we will, there's Earth and then there's Trill,
there's Betazed and Cait and Delta IV.
There's a whole big host of worlds, and all you boys and girls,
Come down and swing your bodies on the floor!

Denobula and Nasat, and that's not nearly all,
There's Sauria and Bolarus and Mars.
Come and sing it with us, we're gonna have a ball
So sing it with me all across the stars!

There's Vulcan! There's Andor!
We sing with utmost candor!
There's Tellar! And Rigel!
Call us meek and that is libel!
There's Efros, and Grazer,
We'll sing and we'll amaze ya!

We're the Feddddderation!

Tiburon is never wrong, so come and have a go!
Draylax and Evora know the score!
The party never ends when you're on Pandril in the snow,
That's only twenty, we've got dozens more!

Ahem. Moving on...

(if anyone wants to pick it up, verse two clearly begins "We'll sing our way to glory, on old Alpha Centauri, Napea and Luna are in too...) Okay, i've really gotta stop this.
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