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I posted this in "Captain's Lounge", but no one picked it up.

OKAY...considering the few lines of music we heard of the UFP Anthem (in "Take Me Out To The Holosuite" (DS9)), what say we all try to write lyrics to the song?

Make it stirring. Make it inspiring. Make it...patriotic!
Or matriotic, depending on the traditions of your world and its early cultures . Even a discussion of what the lyrics should imply might run aground upon 150 different cultural perceptions, regardless of the common cause and beliefs that unite them in the Federation.

What if, say, a large number of Tellarites have a religious objection to use of the word "unity" in an official anthem (implies one voice where many, competing arguments must be heard) but Efrosians require it's presence in any song conveying social belief systems (or else it fails to tie each individual's song into the whole and implies chaos?). What if Deltans decide sex should be mentioned and Arbazan object most strongly? What if putting words to music in general is taboo to Saurians yet mandatory to Denobulans?

We could go on for days.
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