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Re: Misc - Several issues - Misc Posters Read!

Actually, I don't dislike Squig. Every now and then, I want to swat him, but that's the Romulan/Board Manager in me. If I didn't like Squig, I'd never speak to him. Period. I don't talk to people I dislike. I cut 'em dead.


I think it's time for this thread to be closed anyhow. When it turns to spam (as most threads inevitably do...)

But first, to sum up before the clang:

- Let's ease off on the sexism. There are a number of females (and even some males,) who don't feel comfortable with it, enough that action was needed. Let's make sure that this is a place where everyone feels comfortable posting, OK? I'm not looking to squelch fun, by no means, I'm all for fun, but a little less "locker room" would be good. Think about what you say before you hit the post button. Would you say it in front of your Mom, or other woman you respect? (Remember too, sexism goes both ways, woman can cross a line too.)

The Misc mods, if they say something, need to be heeded when it comes to this. Don't pitch a bitch, and DON'T act out in nastiness in response. I am hoping that everyone is mature enough to throttle things back. If not, don't be mistaken, I will, if necessary intervene if I feel you're doing this or if you're giving the Misc mods grief. I don't like passive-aggressive behavior, so don't do it.

As for the political threads. Remember, this is Misc. If you really need to be mean and get personal as opposed to just being critical of various politicians/political actors, then do so in a thread in TNZ, where those coming in to read/post know what they're getting when they sign up. Let's keep Misc more PG-13.

Again, that doesn't mean we're putting the jack-boots on and that we will be scrutinizing every single word/poster and squelching discussion, but use your common sense. If a mod asks you to dial it back in a thread, either specifically in the thread (or via PM) or if a mod posts a general "come on people," respect them and back off. Don't act out because you're pissed. Remember that you have TNZ if you really need to express your discontent in a less than polite manner. There IS a place if you really want to go a bit over the line with the words.

For those who are calling for a rule to be added or to have this be boardwise, etc., all I can say is "I don't think so." I'm not inclined to add rule after rule as situations arise. All that does is encourage those who need a life (and trolls) to nitpick to death and demand a rule/answer for each situation. It's not necessary and it's overkill.

Using common sense and more than that, being polite and respectful, to your fellow posters and to the mods, is all that is needed.
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