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Re: Star Trek TNG Remastered?

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So a lot of fans think TNG would transfer to HD quite adequately without a lucas style interference of the effects, and I don't buy it. And then I watch "Thine Own Self" on Virgin 1 and I have to ask what exactly is being smoked? Data has his face torn off, flashing lights aplenty. Now, in all honesty, how can anyone defend these effects?
Simple. Those are the FX of the show. The horribly unconvincing plane flying at the beginning of Casablanca wasn't changed when it went to blu-ray because that's part of the original movie. I'm against changing things for the sake of changing things; the whole point of doing HD transfers is to preserve the original content, not change anything. No colorizing movies for me, no crazy digital changes just because we can. The HD transfer of the Twilight Zone changes absolutely none of the many silly-looking FX.

However, that argument doesn't even matter. The TNG remaster folks would have no choice but to change the FX. TNG will never get a proper HD transfer without all new FX. So your argument and mine is neither here nor there.
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