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Re: Star Trek TNG Remastered?

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How could anyone in charge of a HD release let this episode pass without a major rework and expect to find further work?

To those who argue the original effects are adequate, I say, get real, and watch the series again. Much of it stood up on a 12"" black and white portable in the late eighties, but now? Not even close to acceptable.
I agree and just like TOS-R if it happens we'll see TNG-R. Visual effects would be redone in CGI. Physical live-action effects may not be redone though. It would be up to the producers. It's purly a cost thing and there WILL BE a budget they have to keep to.

There a 7 seasons. Before committing they may decide to do a fan collective type of thing to see about cost and time to do say 8 episodes before making the decision to commit resources to the entire season 1.
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