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Re: Star Trek TNG Remastered?

So a lot of fans think TNG would transfer to HD quite adequately without a lucas style interference of the effects, and I don't buy it. And then I watch "Thine Own Self" on Virgin 1 and I have to ask what exactly is being smoked? Data has his face torn off, flashing lights aplenty. Now, in all honesty, how can anyone defend these effects? His face is swollen to accomodate the interior detail but it looks terrible. Really terrible. OK for the day maybe, but the day as passed.

How could anyone in charge of a HD release let this episode pass without a major rework and expect to find further work?

To those who argue the original effects are adequate, I say, get real, and watch the series again. Much of it stood up on a 12"" black and white portable in the late eighties, but now? Not even close to acceptable.
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