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Re: Politics/Controversial Topics, Game Threads, Misc FAQ - READ THIS!

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You know, I got to ask:

Avatars...Does that fall under the political hot button issue? I took my avatar down a while ago, but I really have to wonder about skirting around the issue.
I wouldn't know without seeing the avatar in question or at least getting a description of it. You can post it here if you like.

Considering TLS's current avatar, I can't imagine yours would be worse. That's not a challenge to out-do him by the way.
Naaa, it was the McCain, Palin one but I took it down too because it wasn't relevant anymore.

But my question still stands, since hot topic issues or political/controversial subjects are off the books, does that mean avatars as well? Because that can stir up a lot of crap as well.
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