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Re: Jennifer's Body???

I don't care if Megan Fox is overrated and severely limited as an actress - I'm not going to be turned away from this movie just because she's in it. People shouldn't just dismiss a movie based on who is starring in it. While it's true that sometimes a bad actor can ruin what would otherwise be a good movie, who is directing and writing are generally more important facts to assess when deciding if a movie may be worth your time.

I think the writer, Diablo Cody, has a very unique and potentially entertaining style of writing (if sometimes a little too cutesy and irritatingly trying too hard to be 'quirky') and based on how much I enjoyed it in "Juno" (aside from some excessive 'quirk-age'), I'm interested in this movie.

I love a good horror movie, but find a lot of modern horror movies are really boring and uninspired in terms of characters and story. I believe Cody is capable of making both appealing in new ways, so I can imagine this movie turning out pretty good.

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