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Re: 2009 Fall Book Preview With Covers

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Saw the cover for The Romulan War...
Is there anyone else out there who is a little concerned the coming book The Romulan War may not be enough? I guess I am just voicing a concern that the entire conflict is going to be explored (limited?) in just one book. Its something that is concrete in Trek history and I hope the coming novel is merely a set up for a good series of books. Just seems to me the Romulan War should be more than just one book. I hope that is the case.
The cover you've seen is not final. The actual title is Under the Raptor's Wing -- I'm not sure if the phrase The Romulan War is even on the final cover -- and it's just the first part of the story of the Earth-Romulan War.
The one revealed on isn't the final one?
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