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Re: 2009 Fall Book Preview With Covers

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Saw the cover for The Romulan War...
Is there anyone else out there who is a little concerned the coming book The Romulan War may not be enough? I guess I am just voicing a concern that the entire conflict is going to be explored (limited?) in just one book. Its something that is concrete in Trek history and I hope the coming novel is merely a set up for a good series of books. Just seems to me the Romulan War should be more than just one book. I hope that is the case.
The cover you've seen is not final. The actual title is Under the Raptor's Wing -- I'm not sure if the phrase The Romulan War is even on the final cover -- and it's just the first part of the story of the Earth-Romulan War.

Therin of Andor wrote: View Post
It was originally announced as a MMPB trilogy, and then as a single trade. I'm sure this one volume - in some places subtitled "Under the Raptor's Wing"? - won't attempt to tell the entire war in one volume, but it will supposedly be a very chunky book.
Margaret mentioned a page count at Shore Leave, and I don't remember the exact figure, but it was pretty hefty.

It will depend on how well it sells, which is presumably also why there are no 2010 ENT novels announced yet.
I think that's because 2010 is being devoted mainly to standalone TOS and Abramsverse books to go after the potential new audience created by the movie, with the back third of the year beind devoted to The Typhon Pact.

In any case, wasn't this historical event also known as "The Romulan Wars" in fanon?
I'm not familiar with that. I've always heard it referred to as the Earth-Romulan War. Are you maybe thinking of the Eugenics Wars?
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