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Re: Misc - Several issues - Misc Posters Read!

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Personally I think the main rule we need instating is "Don't be an arsehole" and if there's any problems deal with them as they arise, not pre-emptively try and squash problems.
You are correct IMO.

The long-standing issue underlying the regularly scheduled contortions around rules on this board (this episode is just the latest in a long line) stems from a reliance on creating a "fair" rules-based consitution for the board with long-winded avenues of appeal, as well as the pretence that we are a PG-13 board.

Stripping the rules down to "don't be an arsehole", choosing mods carefully enough so there's a reasonable & plausible mix of opinions on the definition of an arsehole, acknowledging that the vast majority of our posters are above 18 (or at least above 15/16) and so should be able to take a bit of rough & tumble, and having a "dumb threads" forum to send threads started in clear bad faith or threads which are just moronic beyond belief. would go a long way to creating an easier to manage and also more enjoyable environment. Trouble is, those measures are not in the board's tradition and philosophy and so would be very difficult to institute.
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