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Re: Vertical Intermix Chamber and TMP Enterprise

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As I pointed out in the other thread, PROBERT stated that the deflection crystal is a kind of power linkage between the intermix and the impulse engines. The intermix on the TMP Enterprise is NOT a warp core, it is a large power transfer conduit leading from the main reactor at the very bottom of the engineering module. In this sense it could work just as well as a field drive and as a plasma-type thruster, since in the latter case it would simply fire the product of a matter/antimatter reaction out into space.
A power Linkage?
Then why is it called a deflection crystal?
Literally (as designed) because it deflects drive plasma aft into the impulse engine. Of course the actual purpose via retcon could be just about anything; it could be the seat of a fusion reactor that receives and conditions that plasma before pumping it into the impulse engines. What I'm saying is AS DESIGNED, that's what the intermix--and the deflection crystal--was supposed to be.

Why isn't between the intermix and impulse engines?
It is. The intermix goes through it before it goes to the impulse engines.
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