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Re: RPG Recruitment Thread

I am searching fo a crew for 3 Star Trek PBEM RPG
1. USS California (Archer Era Simm)
While lacking the scientific capabilities of the NX class, these ships are the backbone of the military role of Starfleet. Designed to protect Earth's rapidly expanding interstellar trade routes, borders and colonies; these ships have seen their share of combat with pirates and other criminals.
Have you ever wanted to be there in the begining, now is you chance.
2. USS Oregon - Takes place after the Book "A Singular Destiny"
USS Oregon is a Ronin Class Starship. The Oregon carries a smaller crew than what would be normally be assigned. Crew quarters and science labs have been enlarged.
We work for Starfleet intelligence and a few others. Exploration is not our mission. We go where others won't, we gather intelligence and preform other missions that Starfleet cannot officially do. We do not exist.
3. Starbase Basilisk
Starbase 19524 Baslisk is the home port for the USS Oregon, stationed on the planet of Zion, at the border between Federation space and the Typhon Pact space. This is the home of a joint operation of Starfleet Security and Intelligence.
A planetary base.
Basilisk is seeking First and Second Officer, All departments head and Officers/enlisted personnel.
Are you the Captain of a Starship? Do you need a place for some R&R? Request Docking at Stabase Baslisk.
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