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Re: July Challenge Entry--A Stone's Throw Away

Thank you so much for reading--and I am very pleased to know it could mean so much to you.

And the quote you begin with...that definitely fits Berat's father. He was very firm as a parent--which is what's expected in Cardassian culture--but ultimately he was still willing to show affection. I think that if he were to speak to his son after this, if he DID know what had happened...he wouldn't pretend it didn't happen, but his love for Tayben is such that what he would want would be for him to take the lesson from it and move forward, not destroy himself over it. I think that in the end, that strength from early on will help him to do just that, and shapes him into the person that I've tried to portray in my later stories like The Thirteenth Order, and "Let He Who Has Eyes See."
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