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Stardate Generator program?

I was wondering if there was a good stardate generator (for windows) out there, that converts the inputted date into every known Trek dating system? And lets us reverse-engineer the dates, too?

It shouldn’t be that hard to do.

Here are all the stardate types I can think of right now:

TOS Stardates: Random 4-digit numbers (or the TNG ones minus the first digit) used during TOS, with hundredths of the hour after the decimal point.
TNG Stardates: 5-digit numbers using the current season of Trek, a complicated “hundredths of a year” system, and hundredths of the hour (often made-up on the spot)
New Stardates (from the new Star Trek): The year, followed by the day (1-365) after the decimal point. The timeline implodes on leap years. New Kirk was born January 4 2233 (2233.4)
Fandom Stardates: Where you switched around the digits, so the fourteenth of July 2009 reads as 0907.14. Resets each year.
FASA Reference Stardates: Similar to the fandom ones: 0/0907.14 would be July 14 2009 (the number before the slash is the second digit of the year, so this works over different centuries, and resets each millennium)

C’mon! Someone with programming skills make us the Ultimate Stardate Generator! And with a nice blue Star Trek XI-themed GUI ;-)

Even though it’s the most gimmicky of gimmicky things and it won’t get much use, I seem to really want one program that does all the different Stardates at once. Anyone else?
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