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Re: Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen - Grading & Discussion

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the only way in the comics someone came back to life was if they were rebuilt from substantial injuries. (Jazz, for example was rebuilt from being critically injured and near-dead to become a Pretender) the only person who was every blown apart so fatally and come back was Prime himself, who's personality was saved on a 3 3/4in floppy disc (srsly), had a new body built and his personality transferred to the new body.
That wasn't the only method. That Optimus Prime would also later die and be brought back because his personality fused with Hi-Q, an alien he bonded with. An ancient Transformer known as "The Last Autobot" constructed a new body for Optimus Prime and thus he was "reborn" from the "soul" that was inside Hi-Q.
DOH! forgot that.
Wow... OK... so Jazz could come back...
Who are the Pretenders? I haven't come across them in my "research" yet.
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